Advanced Crystal Healing Certification Class


DATE:  NOVEMBER 4 -8  2020
Location:  Princeville, Kauai- Hawaii    USA  

The Advanced Course integrates the revolutionary information in Katrina’s newest book CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION into Crystal healing practices.

Included is:

  • High Body color rays, placements points and associated crystals and stones
  • The High Heart Grid Layout/meditation to balance inner male and female polarities
  • Awakening the Eyes in the Knees and the Eyes in the Feet
  • Discussion of sacred geometry and the giant hexagonal iron crystal at the earth’s core
  • Giving and receiving crystal healings using High Body stones

Prerequisites for attendance:

  • Completion of the Beginning Course
  • Completion of the Intermediate Course
  • Completion of case stuAdvanced Crystal Healing Certification Coursedy requirements
  • Familiarity with the information in CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION.

Intermediate Graduates who have completed all the requirements contact the individual teachers for more information.



    NOVEMBER  4 - 8 ,2020


Princeville, Kauai- Hawaii USA