Crystal Healing Workshops



2019 Certification Classes



INTERMEDIATE Crystal Healing Certification Course

 MAY 3 -7, 2019

ADVANCED Crystal Healing Certification Course

NOVEMBER  6 -10, 2019

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SEPTEMBER 12-15  2019




Beginning & Intermediate levels available for groups of 6 or more. Please email your information, including Name, email, City.

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check also the Crystal Academy of Healing Arts official site

 Tanize Weck Kotsol  at (808) 634 - 6661    

Crystal Healing is an advanced healing modality that works directly   with the light and electromagnetic force of the crystals and stones to assist in balancing all aspects of our being.  It has the capacity to influence the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  Specific stones are placed upon the chakras or spiritual energy centers of our bodies to infuse the aura with the most pure light reflecting off the stones into our body.Using breathing exercises to increase the prana /vital energy in the body, one is guided to a deep state of relaxation where the body/mind/spirit connection can occur and one's own ability to heal itself can be activated. Incorporating Crystal Healing and Crystal layouts in one's  life has proven overtime to make a huge difference on one's well being and its ability to remain centered and focus amidst to the constant changes inherent to life.         



In the BEGINNING Crystal Healing Certification Course

students learn how to use crystals and stones to :

* Activate the chakra system

* Clear the aura

* Cleanse the emotional body

* Consciously reprogram the mind

* Usher the light of spirit into the physical body.

Each person gives and receives a Crystal Healing as the foundation of the course is experiential. Education in the theory and practice of the Ancient Art of Laying On of Stones will be the focus as well as the specific healing qualities of many crystals and stones. Attunement and meditation practices will be taught to accelerate intuitive development.

Familiarity with Vol I (Crystal Enlightenment) and Vol II (Crystal Healing) of the CRYSTAL TRILOGY by Katrina Raphaell is a pre requisite and Certification will be offered upon successful completion. 5 day course - will change your life


In the INTERMEDIATE Crystal Healing Certification Course 

Crystal Healing Certification Course Specific therapeutic techniques will be used and practiced to further each participants learningand personal healing process. The emphasis will be on:

* High Octave Stones

*Master Crystals

*Advanced Crystal Healing procedures

*Specific communication and Attunement techniques that enhance the practitioner /client/relationship.

*Training in professionalism and guidelines for setting up a Crystal Healing practice. Certification will be offered upon successful completion. It is a pre requisite to be familiar with the information on Vol .III of Katrina Raphaell's Trilogy - The Crystalline Transmission.   5 day course 


ADVANCED Crystal Healing Certification course

The Advanced Course integrates the revolutionary information in Katrina’s newest book CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION into Crystal healing practices.

Included is:

  • High Body color rays, placements points and associated crystals and stones
  • The High Heart Grid Layout/meditation to balance inner male and female polarities
  • Awakening the Eyes in the Knees and the Eyes in the Feet
  • Discussion of sacred geometry and the giant hexagonal iron crystal at the earth’s core
  • Giving and receiving crystal healings using High Body stones

Prerequisites for attendance:

  • Completion of the Beginning Course
  • Completion of the Intermediate Course
  • Completion of case stuAdvanced Crystal Healing Certification Coursedy requirements
  • Familiarity with the information in CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION.

Intermediate Graduates who have completed all the requirements contact the individual teachers for more information.


Vol I $12.50                                         Vol II $ 17.95                                       Vol III $19.95