Superb Large Amethyst Geode- Large Amethyst Crystal- SOLD
Superb Large Amethyst Geode- Large Amethyst Crystal- SOLD
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Superb Large Amethyst Geode- Large Amethyst Crystal- SOLD

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Superb  Large Amethyst  Cathedral - 165 lbs 35 3/4 inches tall  
Dimensions: Base 19 inches wide x  11 inches deep

This is a very lovely Cathedral, with a large wide base and nice large points and a beautiful line of  dog tooth clear calcite points  inside.  Zoom in to see the beautiful magic inside. 

One of a kind specimen. Only one available. 

Amethyst has been prized for centuries  for its powerful protective and spiritual vibration. 
A very soothing and calming crystal that brings serenity  and increases spiritual awareness. Helps dispel fear,  anxiety ,anger, rage,tension, stress and it is one of the best companions for headaches,  insomnia or recurrent nightmares.  One of the best stones to use for meditation as it calms the mind from unwanted mundane thoughts and helps to  reach higher  states of consciousness.  Amethyst aids the transmission  of neural signals throught the brain and stimulates the Pituitary Gland ,  which is also called “ The Visionaire Gland”,  having great effect on awakening The Third Eye Center, or our inner knowing senses, where the human mind develops the ability to function with high levels of perception, creativeness and intuitiveness.

 Beholding the beautiful violet - purple ray, Amethyst acts as a special guard against negative energy in the environment, blocks geopathic stress and neutralizes EMFs.  For this reason is one  of the favorite stones  for home decor to bring in the beautiful purple ray to cleanse and transmute negative energy  in the house. 

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