Trees are the symbols of growth, stability and long life. The significance of gemstone tree is that we attract and achieve what we focus on, like a tree which grows constantly. They represent focus, persistence,  resilience and of course continuous growth.  

 The energy of gemstone trees  is also  one of freely flowing abundance and health.  When choosing a gem tree for your home or office be guided by your own feelings and in which energy you might want to introduce or enhance in your house or business.

For example, you can choose a citrine tree for wealth and abundance purposes.  A green aventurine (green quartz)  for health. A rose quartz tree for loving and comforting.  A black tourmaline or hematite tree for protection against negativity or EMFs. A carnelian tree is useful for bringing more passion and creativity energy. A blue agate for inspiration, courage, determination and expression.  An amethyst tree for calming and relaxation. Just to give you few hints. 

Trees are a very good to also add color to any room and you can also choose your favorite color or just what makes you feel happier when looking at them. And we also have Mixed Gemstone trees in case you like a  little of every color and energy.

Take a look at our gemstone collection as we have many colors and sizes available, as well 2 different styles. Bonsai  Trees  and Wire trees.