Tanize Kotsol, the owner of Crystals and Gems Gallery, offers Crystal Healing Certification Courses in Hawaii and Brazil through the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. She teaches the crystal healing philosophy and methods of Katrina Raphaell, the founder of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts.

For those who are not familiar with Katrina's work, she is the pioneer of the field of crystal healing and is the author of the best selling trilogy of books that revolutionized the way people thought about crystals. Her work initiated the craze about crystal healing. She is highly respected to date and considered the most comprehensive author in this field.

Tanize Kotsol was one of the first teachers trained directly by Katrina to continue her work and has been teaching for the Crystal Academy since 1997.

The Crystal Academy program consists of three modules: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each module consists of an intensive 4-5 day course with teaching on theory as well as hands-on experimentation with crystal healing.


Crystal Enlightenment Vol 1
Crystal Healing Vol 2
The Crystalline Transmission Vol 3    

and her new book




Crystal Healing is an advanced healing modality that works directly with the light and electromagnetic energy of the crystals and stones to assist in balancing all aspects of our being.  The crystal's energy infusion promotes balance and alignment, clearing of blocked energies, elevating of mental awareness, and allowing  entry into the subtle dimensions of consciousness, facilitating healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How does Crystal Healing work?

 Specific stones are placed upon the chakras or spiritual energy centers of our bodies to infuse the aura with the purest light reflecting off the stones into our bodies.   

Using breathing exercises to increase the prana/vital energy in the body, one is guided to a deep state of relaxation. The  brain waves  can quickly reach the alpha frequency which feels as a concentrated  deep meditative state of mind - lucid but yet dreamy.   

 Crystal Healing Therapeutics are applied to facilitate the client to access hidden or subconscious energies as the memory veils can be  lifted. 

The altered state of consciousness that the crystals produce  can open  up portals and hidden chambers where one  can connect to their  higher self.
In this place of stillness and shifted perspective, sudden breakthroughs, deep serenity and clarity and  new insights  and answers can be reached.

In this altered state of consciousness,   childhood traumas, deep introjected and forgotten traumas, even  past lives can be awaken from deep memory banks and brought up to the conscious mind for revaluation, understanding, healing, and  possible transformation.  Additionally, a deep  body/mind/spirit connection can occur and one's own ability to heal itself can be activated.

Incorporating Crystal Healing and Crystal layouts in one's life have proven over time to make a huge difference in one's well being.
The ability to learn how to use the innate light and energy of the crystals to help to  heal diverse aspects on oneself is a very precious gift. 


The first module focuses on the theory and practice of the Ancient Art of Laying On of Stones (Crystal Healing) as well as the specific healing qualities of many crystals and stones.

Attunement and meditation practices will be taught to help accelerate intuitive development, 

Practice of Crystal Healing,
Crystal Healing Therapeutics,
Discussion of Power Stones,
Students will learn how to use crystals and stones to specifically:
Activate the chakra system with associated quartz stones,
Clear the aura,
Release negative energies,
Cleanse the emotional body,
Consciously reprogram the mind,
Usher the light of spirit into the physical body,

Familiarity with Vol I (Crystal Enlightenment) and Vol II (Crystal Healing) of the CRYSTAL TRILOGY by Katrina Raphaell is recommended and Certification will be offered upon successful completion. Course composed of 30 hours of instruction on the methodology of crystal healing and experimentation with layouts. The course is intensive and usually comprises 4 or 5 days. 



In the second module, the 12 chakra system, Predominant power stones, and specific therapeutic techniques will be taught and practiced to further each participant’s knowledge into the depth of the crystal healing sessions and personal healing process. 

A specific circular breathing exercise is introduced and practiced to activate the higher chakra system.
Emphasis is taken on specific groups of crystals known as High Octave Stones and the 12 Master Crystals discovered and described by Katrina Raphaell.
Specific layouts and activating meditations using the High Octave Stones and Master Crystals will be practiced.  
Advanced Crystal Healing Procedures and Specific Communication and Attunement techniques that enhance the practitioner /client/relationship will be part of this extraordinary curriculum.
Training in professionalism and guidelines for setting up a Crystal Healing practice.

Certification will be offered upon successful completion. It is recommended to be familiar with the information on Vol. III of Katrina Raphaell's Trilogy - The Crystalline Transmission. Course composed of 30 hours of instruction on methodology and experimentation with layouts. The course is intensive and usually comprises 4 or 5 days.  

Prerequisite: Completion of Module 1 - Beginning Certification Course


The Advanced Course integrates the revolutionary information in Katrina’s newest book CRYSTALLINE ILLUMINATION into Crystal healing practices.

High Body color rays, placements points, and associated crystals and stones;
The New High Heart Grid Layout and meditation to balance inner male and female polarities;
Awakening the Eyes in the Knees and the Eyes in the Feet and how to use these new chakra points to create a better future;
Discussion of sacred geometry and the giant hexagonal iron crystal at the earth’s core;
Giving and receiving crystal healings using High Body stones and other stones;
Great opportunity to meet and exchange new information and layouts with other advanced students; 

Certification will be offered upon successful completion. It is recommended to be familiar with the information in Katrina Raphaell's New Book - The Crystalline Illumination - A way of the 5 bodies. Course composed of 30 hours of instruction on methodology and experimentation with layouts. The course is intensive and usually comprises 4 or 5 days.  

Prerequisites for attendance:

Completion of the Beginning Course
Completion of the Intermediate Course
Completion of case study and report - Instructions for case study are given upon completion of the Intermediate Course.