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Amethyst galore at the Gallery in Kauai


Crystals and Gems Gallery  in Hanalei, Kauai was founded in 1999 and  is honored to be one of the biggest Crystals and Minerals store in Hawaii. Located in the heart of Hanalei town it carries a  fantastic collection of crystals, minerals and beautiful jewelry.  
 From a  variety of  small tumbled  and rough stones, polished points, natural points, spheres, carvings, angels, pyramids, collectors pieces, skulls, natural specimens,  fossils, lemurian seed crystals  and so much more .  A special room int store is filled with  beautiful  large  specimens,  including 7 ft tall  amethyst geodes.
The owner Tanize Weck Kotsol, graduated as a M.D. and specialized in Psychiatry  in Brazil in the early 90's.  She come  to Kauai in 1994  in search of depening her studies in the mind/body/spirit connection and effects on mental and physical health.  Her passion for the mineral kingdom already existed as she grow up really fond of crystals and alternative therapies as Bach flowers, acupuncture , reiki, and resonance therapy even though this kinds of therapies weren't really popular back in Brasil.   In 1995 she decided to  explore   the power of crystals in therapy and studied with Katrina Raphaell, becoming  a teacher for the Crystal  Academy of Advanced Healing Arts  in Kauai, a position she holds till today.
The profound results  she experienced  while working with traditional psychotherapy and crystal healing  was a turning point on her career.  The passion for the energy and beauty of the crystals grew  so intensely that in 1999 she decided to open her own store in order to be able to share her passion in a larger scale.  Since then  she also become a passionate  Jewelry designer and Artist and loves to combine the healing properties of the minerals in her designs to enhance specific states of being.  
    Her Jewelry Creations  and Art are offered at the Gallery in Hanalei  and  Intensive Crystal Healing Certification Courses are offered twice a year in Kauai and once a year in Brasil.  Also Crystal Feng Shui consultation for states/homes/business is available by  appointment.
Tanize  still spends a lot of time traveling abroad  to find the best  mineral specimens to bring to Kauai.
Don't miss the opportunity to  browse  this incredible crystal store.  
A must stop while in Kauai . 



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