How do you ship and how long it takes?

 We ship our products using Flat Rate Priority Mail Boxes insured for the  total amount of purchase.  It  usually takes 1 - 2 days for packaging and shipping and 3-4 days in transit.  We will send you a  tracking confirmation once your ordered is processed.  

Price is standard for the USPS flat rate box(es).  If you need to se size please go to usps.com/flat rate boxes

Prices :Small Box $8  Medium Box $15.99  Large box 18.99   If you are ordering multiple items that fit in the boxes, for example, 2-3 pendants can be shipped on small box for $8, 4-5 crystals up to 6-7 inches tall will all go into the medium box, and so on.  If you have ay questions about shipping don't hesitate to contact us at tanizeweck@gmail.com 

Do I Receive the exact item on the website picture? 

Yes and No.  

All the big  crystal items and geodes  and  all items that we have only one of a kind yes that is the exact piece.  

All the small crystals, tumbled stones, rough stones, pendulums, etc you will receive a similar - equal  than the picture.  Actually I would say you will receive even a prettier one as I will be selecting  it specifically for each order and I always want my customers to be extra happy when they receive. 

Our store has 800 square ft of merchandise and our warehouse another 600 sq ft, so we have many many items to choose from.

For example....

Pendants/ necklaces   that are made with just the stone, the picture demonstrate the size and  style  and color . On the options you can choose the size you like, if we have different sizes.   All the pendants are very similar  and we have few of each style and will choose a very beautiful one for you.   I personally choose each item to be send,  and use my guidance and a pendulum to help  find the one that will be the best for you.

Earnings - I  personally custom make them upon your order so it will the same as you are seeing on the website but of course not that exact one in the picture. 

If you have any questions please email us and I can also send you a picture of few  we have in stock and you can choose yourself :) 

What do you mean by intuitive choosing or using a pendulum to choose which will be the best for me?

I have been working with crystals and their energies for many years and without getting into to many specifics I can tell you that   just by observing  and helping people choose crystals in my brick and mortar store for the last 20 years  it is obvious that certain crystals resonate better with certain people.  Almost like they would "choose" them.   One person can touch several different crystals and don't particularly fell anything  and suddenly hold one in their hands and just say -  or smile .... That's the one.  
 So, yes there's a way to  intuitively choose which crystal might resonate better with a specific person and when I receive an order  I usually take a little extra time finding that specific one for you  among another 10 or 20 or 50 in my store or warehouse.   I  use my intuition and a pendulum.   It is almost like  I think on your name, and look among the options I have and suddenly  one  for some reason just really gets my attention, sparkles stronger,  shows  a rainbow,  and  also my pendulum gets intensely active for that one. 
We have not had a return in over 20 years so I  would tell you Yes, it works :) 

 Do you make custom Jewelry ? How long it takes?

For jewelry pieces that need to be made, it takes and additional  2-3  days for production.

I don't see the shipping price on the large pieces.  how can I find out the price for shipping?

For all the large items please email us with the item (s) you like, your name and complete address.  Street  number, city, zip code and phone number. 
The price depends on the location it will be shipped to and we will check rates with UPS and FEDEX and will email or call you back in 24 hours. 

For items that are heavy, like the amethyst geodes and large pieces  until 150 lbs (packaged) we use UPS and will deliver to your door. Will get you an exact quote as price can varies depending on your state.   All pieces above 50 lbs are wood crated. 
For items  heavier than 150 lbs (after packaged)  we will get a quote with FEDEX Freight and UPS Freight to your destination to see what is the best option. All pieces over 150 lbs are wood crated, fully insured  and it will take usually 3-5 days to ship out, unless you specify is a rush order. 

Please email us for a quote and also if you are interested in a specific size we can take pictures and show you what we have in stock at the moment.  We have lots more at the store and our warehouse and will be happy to take pictures.  On line we have a small sample of our products and will be updating new stock on our newsletter.


 All small items  can be returned within 7 days, in the original condition  for a full refund.  Shipping rates are non refundable and customer is responsible for the  return shipping cost and  insurance. We are not responsible for items that are not insured and lost in the mail.  Once product arrives and its confirmed it is intact, credit card will be refunded within  5 business days. 

All jewelry  items have to be returned in original packaging and unused. 

All large items that have to be crated are not refundable. 

You don't have many reviews  to make me feel 100 % secure to order. 

Yes, that is true.  When you look around the site, our products don't have many reviews.  and there's two main reasons. First,  I am not a really savy techno person and I did  not realize we had to  install apps to ask and email people constantly  for reviews, and so  I didn't install the apps to request reviews until not long ago.  Actually still feels somehow weird about it because I personally don't like to get these bombarding reviews  emails  when I am buying something.
But, regardless, now that I now that the reviews are an important part on the online world we recently added the app to ask for review (1 email only will be sent) and hopefully will start getting reviews.  

Secondly, as we  have our store in Kauai since 2000, most of our customers do  phone orders or email orders  and these orders do not go directly thru the  website.  As  I do not want to bother them I never asked for reviews.  

If you read it this far, and ordered from us, well 
Please leave a review after receiving your item(s). 


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