Crystal  Healing  Sessions

Crystal Healing is an advanced healing modality that works directly with the light and electromagnetic energy of the crystals and stones to assist in balancing all aspects of our being.  The crystal's energy infusion promotes balance and alignment, clearing of blocked energies, elevating of mental awareness, and allowing  entry into the subtle dimensions of consciousness, facilitating healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

How does Crystal Healing work?

 Specific stones are placed upon the chakras or spiritual energy centers of our bodies to infuse the aura with the purest light reflecting off the stones into our bodies.   

Using breathing exercises to increase the prana/vital energy in the body, one is guided to a deep state of relaxation. The  brain waves  can quickly reach the alpha frequency which feels as a concentrated  deep meditative state of mind - lucid but yet dreamy.   

 Crystal Healing Therapeutics are applied to facilitate the client to access hidden or subconscious energies as the memory veils can be  lifted. 

The altered state of consciousness that the crystals  can produce  can open  up "portals" or  "hidden chambers" where one  can connect to their sacred inner  wisdom
In this place of  shifted perspective, sudden breakthroughs, deep serenity, clarity , new insights  and answers can be reached  effortelessly.

In this altered state of consciousness,   childhood traumas, deep introjected and forgotten traumas, even  past lives can be awaken from deep memory banks and brought up to the conscious mind for revaluation, understanding, healing, and  possible transformation.  Additionally, a deep  body/mind/spirit connection can occur and one's own ability to heal itself can be activated.

Incorporating Crystal Healing and Crystal layouts in one's life have proven over time to make a huge difference in one's well being.  Most people feel deeply relaxed, invigorated,  rejuvenated and content.
The ability to learn how to use the innate light and energy of the crystals to help to  heal diverse aspects on oneself is a very precious gift. 

What is a crystal healing session like?

 First we will go over some questions on an intake form and discuss the reason for your visit. Then you will lie down on your back on a bio mat with tourmaline and amethyst infrared  rays and heat.  From there you will be guided through a meditation and a breathing technique.   Crystals  will be placed on your body in all the chakra centers forming   geometric colorful  mandalas.
Depending on what  intuitively feel is needed, I will either change the crystals, place more crystals, or use different therapeutic techniques to facilitate and deepen the healing session.
 At the end of the session we  will make sure you are grounded,  and we will discuss a simple ways to integrate the discoveiries that took place into your daily life.

The crystal healing session is 90 minutes;

For crystal healing sessions  on Kauai or Distance Healing please contact me  directly by email at  or text 808 634 6661

* This practice is not a substitute  for conventional medical treatment and care. 
It is a complementary  technique to support overall well-being.  

Meet Tanize

 Tanize  W Kotsol, a retired MD and psychiatrist who has seamlessly transitioned from the world of  traditional medicine to the realm of meditation and crystal healing.

With a deep passion for helping others, Tanize uses her extensive background in psychiatry to guide and support individuals in their journey towards inner peace and well-being.

Based in the serene town of Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, Tanize owns and operates a charming store  - Crystals- Gems Gallery that serves as a haven for those seeking holistic healing and spiritual growth. As a meditation and crystal healing teacher, she imparts wisdom and techniques to empower others to alleviate stress, anxiety, and rediscover a path to a happier, more fulfilling life.

In addition to leading crystal healing classes, Tanize is also a talented jewelry designer, infusing her creations with the inherent properties of the stones and metals. Her exquisite amulets, jewelry, earrings, and necklaces are not just timeless pieces of adornment, but also instruments of healing and positivity, tailored to address the individual needs of the wearer.

Tanize's expertise extends to personalized healing sessions, where she skillfully arranges crystals in a precise geometric pattern  on the body, promoting deep relaxation, peace, and contentment. Through her nurturing guidance and organized approach, Tanize facilitates an environment for profound healing and inner balance.

With a heart dedicated to uplifting others and a spirit rooted in compassion, Tanize K continues to be a guiding light for those on a quest for tranquility and holistic well-being."



I highly recommend a crystal healing session with Tanize to anyone seeking to invest in their well-being! My experience was wonderful and transformative. Tanize's genuine humor and empathy immediately put me at ease in her serene crystal haven, and she took the time to understand my intentions. Throughout the session, her compassion and dedication to serving my highest good were evident. Working effortlessly with a vast array of crystals, she created a profound sense of harmony and balance, leaving me feeling relaxed, refreshed, peaceful—which lasted for at least a week! Tanize's extensive crystal wisdom was apparent, and her intuitive insights about my spirit guides were unexpected and delightful. The session concluded with a discussion and oracle card drawing, wrapping up an authentic and soulful experience. Thank you, Tanize, see you next time! -Jackie F, Colorado 

Tanize is an example of someone who is delightfully caring, highly trained,
and wisely living a Purposeful life. She sets an example of how that is
possible and does so with beauty and grace. I am grateful to have found
her. I came to her for a crystal layout treatment having never had an experience
of one before. To receive a crystal layout treatment from someone so attuned, so skillful, so knowledgeable, and so succinct creates a beneficial experience
physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually that is helpful beyond what I
could have imagined. It has been over two weeks since the session and I continue to register the beneficial vibrations helping to heal, balance, rejuvenate, and energize.   The setting in which the sessions are offered is a beautiful, clean, quiet,
private, healing space. I highly recommend Tanize and all she has to offer.
Mahalo!        Krista C - New York

 I enjoyed my  first  crystal healing session  with Tanize so much that every time I go to Kauai I  make sure I book a time with her.  Tanize's energy is amazing. The collection of healing crystals and the healing room filled with crystals is amazing.  It feels like a complete tune up, mentally , physically , spiritually.  I have done other therapy methods as well during my life but crystal healing is different in a way that is almost hard to explain.  I feel so relaxed,  energized and  clear after the sessions.  The bio mat  she uses is incredible too. And Tanize is so real, so sweet, and so skilled that is one of my favorite therapists.     Joan P.  San Franscisco

I loved my crystal healing session with Tanize.  It was just what I needed.  It was refreshing and enlivening.  I went so deep and felt energies in my body I have never felt before.  Her voice is like an angel is talking to you.  She made me fell  so comfortable and heard.   I have now a whole different approach to few issues I was stuck on for so long.  Left the session feeling clear,  relaxed and expanded.  I now do a distance session with her every other moth,  as I feel so clear  and empowered after and it lasts.   Tanize is so knowledgeable and inspiring.  If you have an opportunity to have a session with her you are a lucky person.   C  Dias, CA

 My experience receiving a crystal healing session with Tanize was transformative.
  I  honestly did not think much of "crystal healing" as something I would  really  believe or tried and went as an inquisitive person but in the end it really changed me.  I felt a sense of calm,  reassurance and empowering.  I felt "energy" running thru parts of my body for the first time.   I emerged from  the session with a renewed sense of clarity and vitality and a noticeable change in my mood.  For better.   Tanize's nurturing nature  and calm approach to my questions was amazing.      Mark B,   Florida