Large specimens are an extraordinary  addition to one's  home, garden or business.   

 AMETHYST  has been prized for centuries  for its powerful protective and spiritual vibration.   Beholding the beautiful violet - purple ray, Amethyst acts as a special guard against negative energy in the environment, blocks geopathic stress and neutralizes EMFs.  For this reason is one  of the favorite stones  for home decor to bring in the beautiful purple ray to cleanse and transmute negative energy  in the house or business places.

CITRINE  is one of the most energetic gemstones in the mineral kingdom.  It has been associated with prosperity, confidence, happiness, good luck, optimism, joy, abundance, good self-esteem and wealth. Citrine can be placed near cash registers, entrances, offices, headquarters  or on countertops of businesses to attract financial abundance. Citrine is a magnet for Manifestation. It carries the power of the Sun. The warm yellow ray promotes growing and physical manifestation.