Aloha, I thought you would like to know me a little more before you sign up for classes so here is a little bio about me.

My name is Tanize Weck Kotsol and I have been affiliated with The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts founded by Katrina Raphaell since 1994 and a teacher for the Academy since 1997, when Katrina trained the first group of teachers to teach her work world wide. 

But, let’s rewind a little….

I was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Kauai in 1992. Growing up, I was always attracted to the colors, shapes, and sparkles of crystals but did not really connect with their energy until I met Katrina.

After graduating high school I went off to college for many years in Brazil and became a physician. Yes, a medical doctor. Studied a lot and worked a lot. During my years attending medical school I was interested in the powers of our minds and curious about alternative medicine. Bach flowers and acupuncture were not popular back then, but there was something special about it and I ended up working with Bach flowers with my patients even though I would constantly receive a bad eye from my tutors.  

When it became time to decide which specialty I would follow I did have 2 passions…Obstetrics as I loved to see newborns coming into the world and Psychiatry as the wonders and powers  of the mind just intrigued me to a point where that was what I decided on.

Became a Psychiatrist, work hard and then come to Kauai on a vacation.  

My vacation changed my life. It was something about Kauai that was love at first sight. After a few weeks I had to return to Brazil, but for the next full year all I could think about was my desire to return to Kauai. I would wake up in the middle of the night dreaming I was on Kauai but would wake and realize I was still in my room in Brazil. It became so strong I had to do something about it. 

Fast-forwarding a little,I took a leave of absence for 6 months and embarked on a journey I thought would last 6 months…but it has now been 26 years. 

When I came to Kauai I brought a few crystals I liked and all my favorite crystal jewelry that I always loved. Everywhere I went people would ask me “Where did you get it? Can you get some for me?” Although I got a job working on a drug addiction rehabilitation program, I also reached out to a few people I knew in Brazil that had mineral businesses and got them to send me a few things. One thing led to another and I received a big shipment of crystals that completely filled my home.  

One day I got a call from a lady that said“I heard you have lots of crystals for sale? Can I come to check them out?” Of course I said yes, and this very nice and gorgeous lady came in and introduced herself as Katrina Rapahell. She bought many of the crystals I had and invited me to take her crystal courses. She said “Honey, as you will be selling all these crystals don't you want to know a little more about them? And how can you use them? That way you can also share with people.” It made sense, and I then signed up for her classes.   

At that point,  I absolutely was in love with crystals but did not have the sensibility or the knowledge about them being tools that I could use to also help people. Despite always being attracted to alternative medicine, the idea of crystal healing was a little bit out there for my scientifically medical trained mind. 

I do have to admit that during the courses, I saw  all the other participants in  deep states of meditation, tuning into the crystals and sharing stories, but, in my own silent mind I would think “Wow, if my psychiatrist tutor was here he would recommend to take everyone in.” They are all ”interacting” or “receiving” with crystal energies. At same time they all were perfectly normal people, happy, competent and completely amazing. I was the “strange one” who was not really “feeling” anything. 

Well, after a week of learning and receiving sessions with crystals my own being started to also understand and feel the energy. After the second week, I was mesmerized on how deep one could go just by using crystals as tools. There was something very special about the way the crystals worked. From helping to change energy fields, releasing energies, to somehow helping to uncover deep sunken memories that would probably have taken weeks and weeks of regular psychotherapy to achieve. I opened up to a whole new way of therapy which stole not only my heart but my whole being.

Forwarding a little more...I ended up immersing myself in studying crystals, resonance therapies, wave frequencies, light frequencies and before I knew it, crystals became part of my daily life. With a background in medicine and psychiatry I was able to incorporate all I have learned into crystal healing therapy sessions and it became my new reality. 

In 2000, I decided to open a brick-and-mortar store, as my home could no longer support the large amount of crystals I was bringing in. I made a crystal therapy room in the back room for sessions and loved every minute of my journey.   

With so many beautiful crystals and minerals coming to me  it was just a matter of time to start designing jewelry and creating one of a kind pieces, and collections for the store.

Twenty years later we are so blessed to still be in Hanalei Bay, Kauai.

Our store Crystal and Gems Gallery grew  strong as well my passion for everything crystal.  

Even though it has been twenty years it  seems like it was all just yesterday.

As it will be way too long to keep writing all the extraordinary experiences I have witnessed I will stop here.  

Nonetheless, if you made this far I can tell we have a connection and I have a strong feeling we will be meeting soon.  

Aloha, love and light