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Experience the beauty  and energy of the Mineral Kingdom  while  adorning yourself with  our exclusive  jewelry collection.  Enjoy all the benefits of the crystal's  and gems energies  while looking and feeling radiant.   Sparkle, dazzle and enjoy  yourself.  The designer and owner Tanize Weck Kotsol loves to work with the energy of the stones and transform them into beautiful   pieces of wearable  treasures.
 By combining  the  attributes  the stones  offer with the area of your life you would like to energize or improve, you not just will look great but will feel great.  From a little delicate necklace to a chunky medallion  we absolutely love jewelry.   
We would love to have all the pieces at the Gallery available on the website, however, if you have been in  our store before you know its quite impossible. For this reason if you saw something at the store we don't have here don't hesitate to email or call and we will find it for you.  One of  Tanize 's favorite job  its to  match you and your perfect new wearable treasure.  And YES, she does customs orders.