AGATE  This mineral is part of  the chalcedony  family. It is a beautiful and intriguing stone that shows  several colors and patterns. Metaphysically  is called the "Warrior Stone". It is believed is helps to enhance courage, confidence and  strength.  Also associated with playfulness and versality.


Angelite is a sky blue stone that emanates an energy of serenity and benevolence.  It stimulates and opens our higher senses or higher chakras helping to attain  a state of expanded awareness. As its name implies, Angelite is useful in connecting with the guidance of spiritual aligned beings and angels.  It is a good stone to help when communicating in a clear , concise and diplomatic way is needed and it's a wonderful ally when peaceful resolution of problems is desired.

 AMAZONITE  It stimulates heart and throat chakras, helping us to express their heart through communication. It  can help to overcome fears, conflicts and to set boundaries. It can assists one in “walking one’s talk” and aligning one’s actions to their words. It also brings inspiration, discernment and the ability to perceive the truth in oneself and in others.

 AMETHYST stimulates  our third eye chakra  (located between our eyebrows)   and helps on developing intuition, awareness and confidence.  It enhances calming, tranquility and facilitates meditation. Good for  addictions and anxiety.  
APACHE TEARS Apache tears are a form of black obsidian, having all general energies of such, but with prominence for  relieving  grief  and sadness. Assist in giving and receiving forgiveness.  It is a grounding  and protective  stone and also aids with eliminating negative energies. Good stone for protection while traveling.
APATITE Powerful  mineral with natural  hexagonal system, and variation on colors from blue, green, yellow and brownish.  Works on Creation, Clarity, Confidence, Manifestation, Relaxation of  the nerve system, and in gaining higher perspectives on situations. Helps on Connection to one’s passions and dreams and on increasing prosperity  and abundance in one’s life.


Aphophyllite excels at attuning one to higher-frequency energies of the angelic and interdimensional domains. It aims purity and spiritual presence and helps connection to guardian angels and spirit guides. Also good to awaken awareness of Divine love. Helps one to understand spiritual lessons and to process spiritual information.

AQUA AURA This is a truly alchemical material combining the natural form and beauty of Quartz crystals  with a bonded layer of pure 24 KT Gold. This combination is made in a specially  energized chamber at high temperature and results in a rich Blue color  witch is no native to gold or quartz in their uncombined states. It’s used to energize and clear the auric field as well the environment and attract wealth, success and spiritual elevation.  It helps on understanding transformation.

AQUA MARINE Beryllium aluminum silicate. Aquamarine activates the throat chakra, facilitating communication of one’s truth. It is a cooling stone, soothing anger  and is good for inflammatory diseases, especially  sore throats. 
It is  a cleansing stone helping us to move rapidly  with transitions and changes. Brings peace and joy to relationships.