Do you know that Jade has been known for centuries for being one of the favorite stones for healing the physical body and to release stress?
Now, combine the Jade stone  and  the shape of a massage tool.  
And we have  a very special Jade Roller.
The Jade Roller is revolutionizing the way we take care of our skin. They are simple and easy to use, only require few minutes and plus you can do on your own pace, anytime and anywhere. 
 Our skin is a very large organ and comprise the whole outside layer of our body.  It is very much alive and responds not only to what you put on it, but also, how you put it on.
It can  absorb nutrients ad sweat out toxins. So, how we treat and take care of our skin is fundamental to our health and well being.

Does your facial skin  ever looks wrinkled? Do you suffer from dark circles or puffy eyes?  Do you have wrinkle lines?

 When the Jade rollers are used as a facial massage tool  they can  help:
1 - To soothe the fine lines
2-  To stimulate the collagen production
3-  To stimulate blood flow.
The 3 most important factors on anti aging  prevention.  
Just by using the Jade Roller as a facial massage tool you have a fun and effective way to improve the way you look and feel.  And it is  so fun and refreshing. 

But wait, why stop there?
Let's not forget the inner layers of our body: our muscles, tendons and joints and fascias.
Do you ever come home sore or swollen from a hard work out or full day at work?  Or perhaps in pain or stiff?  Did you ever had Jaw or Neck stiffness? What about Swollen legs or ankles?
Well, the Jade Roller is also the perfect tool to help easy all of these not so  groovy afflictions.  
Just by rolling it throughout your sore or  swollen body parts it  will help to stimulate blood and flush some of the toxins build up.  Also will help relieve pain, and let you felling nice and relaxed.

Here are few  specific ways to enjoy these amazing tools:
 1 -Do yourself a  MINI LIFT:
Just by doing a simple massage in your face the jade roller will help to increase the absorption of serums, creams or oils, smooth the lines,  stimulate the flow of oxygen and the elimination of toxins.  Use around the eye zone to alleviate puffiness and dark circles. 
You can feel a difference just after few minutes of using the jade roller as tool for a mini facial lift.  The skin feels invigorated and warm, the  skin color will improve with the improved blood flow, the tension is released and the  stress lines are smother.   After only 1 week you can tell how the skin becomes more radiant, elastic, jovial,  and how there's so much less puffiness in the eyes.   With couple weeks of using regularly I  already had friends telling me that I looked so nice and refreshed and asking me if I was  using some new miracle cream product on my skin.

The Jade roller can be used in the scalp and head to ease tension in the muscles and fascia,   and  to stimulate the blood flow  and oxygenation.  Massage the head, behind  the ears, neck, temples. Just roll it gently over the head and you will feel the tension melting away. 

Massaging the scalp with the roller helps to increase the blood flow and the flow of nutrients to our hair follicles. Also helps releasing stress and tension, which is considered one of the  major causes for hair loss.  

Our lymphatic system helps our body to  move and eliminate  toxins.
When blood flow is sluggish, toxins can accumulate and can  impede the optimal absorption of oxygen and nutrients  in our blood cells.
Thus, using the Jade Roller to massage areas where the blood flow feels impaired, stagnated  will stimulate flow and oxygenation. 

Use the Jade Roller to massage your hands and feet.  We use our hands and feet pretty much during all our waken hours. did you ever stopped to think how much you use your hands during the day?  and how much your feet work just by you stand/walk/jog/run or move in any way ? 
Roll the Jade Massager into the palms of your hands, between fingers, on your wrist, and anywhere it might feel stiff.  Same on your feet. 

You can use the Jade Roller to massage pretty much any area of your body. 

 Furry Friend?  Yes, your beloved cat, dog or bird.  One day I was massaging my feet and my cat seems very interested on what was happening.  I started to roll along its long back, neck, under the neck , belly and even on its paws.
The amount of purrrrssss I got was just WOW.   Tried on my dog and the reaction was the same. you can see in their eyes.  Long story short, I had to give them mine and order a second one. 

So, to conclude, I am in love with these amazing  Jade rollers  and they  are  one of those gift items that can pretty much amuse everyone.
 Everyone? Oh Yes. You, grandma, grandpa, cousin, mom, dad, baby sister, bigger brother,  aunty,  teachers, friends and last bit not least even your furry friends.  Who doesn't like a nice massage? 
If you or anyone you know could enjoy the benefits of the amazing Jade rollers click here to go to our Jade Page and order one. Or two? 

Another good reminder is  how a good hydration is also a very important factor on your skin health and in health in general.  (We will come back in another blog to talk a little more about water and hydration and crystal infused water.