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Citrine Geode

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Beautiful Unique  Citrine  Geode    Size: 21 inches tall x 10 inches wide.    36 lbs 

Citrine is one of the most energetic gemstones in the mineral kingdom.  It has been associated with prosperity, confidence, happiness, good luck, optimism, joy, abundance, good self-esteem and wealth. When you are looking for a stone to enhance any of these attributes in your life, Citrine is a perfect companion.  Known as the “merchant stone”, it has been carried by traders, businessmen, travelers, and anyone looking to improve their wealth.

Citrine can be placed near cash registers or on countertops of businesses to attract financial abundance. It can be carried in your pocket when you are in need of confidence and good luck or as an amulet to attract prosperity. It can also be also worn as jewelry to clear and protect your auric field from outside influences and boost your mood. 

Citrine is a magnet for Manifestation. It carries the power of the Sun. The warm yellow ray promotes growing and physical manifestation. When working to transform projects, ideas, dreams, or desires from thought into reality, Citrine is, without doubt, the stone of choice.

Citrine energizes our third chakra, (the navel or manipura chakra). By doing so it helps give birth to new ideas,  raise one’s self-esteem and confidence levels, and overcome fears of rejection, failure, or criticism. It enhances the will power to go forward, giving you more energy and purpose.

Citrine is one the best stones for prosperity, good luck, success and enthusiasm. It's rich and warm sun energy nurtures and gives life force to the beholder, ehancing self esteem, confidence, joy and the ability to bring plans and ideas into manifestation.  It is  called the manifestation stone.


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