Clear quartz crystal Point
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Clear Quartz Point with Inclusions or Rainbows

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Clear  Quartz   is a powerful  crystal  that can assist in achieving balance, health and realignment of our vibrational  bodies.  Each Crystal has unique inclusions which are seen inside the crystal, usually on their termination  or body, forming mysterious phantoms , mirror effects and rainbows .

High quality Clear Quartz Point.
Stone of Light.
Silicon dioxide crystal which exhibits the property of piezoelectricity (transforming mechanical energy into  electromagnetic energy and vice versa).  Brings clarity of thought and purpose to one’s mind.  Works with programmability and  amplification of one’s energy or intention. Good stone to clear the auric field and one's environment from negativity.   

size: 2.5 inches tall

This is a sample, every crystal is unique  shape and inclusions are unique to each one.

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