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  Is part of the Chalcedony family. Beautiful, intriguing, existing in several colors and patterns.
Metaphysically called the Warrior Stone. Enhances Courage, Confidence and Strength. Also associated with Playfulness.
  DRUZE AGATE is formed when little tiny quartz crystals grow on top of the agate stone, forming a sparkly shimmering  layer. By having quartz  growing with  it, will also carry the qualities of Quartz crystals which have the property of Magnification.   Druze Agates are very special stones due  their extra charged energy. 
check our chain selection also if you like to add a sterling silver or 14 kt gold filled chain to your order.
size: 1.5 inch long x 1.5 wide. The size and patterns varies slightly  as each stone is  unique.
Silver only.


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