Crystal Elixirs

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Using  Crystal Elixirs to  improve your well being.    
water and crystals     quartz water
Are you drinking enough water and  keeping properly hydrated these days? 
You probably think ”yes”, I do drink enough water.  However,  when most people actually check how much water they drink daily, they realize their water consumption falls short of the recommended amount.
 In general, an adult male needs about 3 liters (3.2 quarts) per day, while an adult female needs about 2.2 liters (2.3 quarts) per day.
Here are a  few tips on how to make drinking water more pleasant and fun. You can use crystals to charge your water and also make delicious flavored water.

Crystal elixirs, crystal charged water and crystal infused water, are a few different names used to describe the act of energizing your drinking water using crystals and gemstones.   It is a fun, easy and effective way to hydrate and help improve your health.  All you need are crystals, water and a few glass bowls.

           amethyst water
First, let’s look at a few facts: Do you know that up to 60 % of the human body is water? According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water. The lungs have about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water. Muscles and kidneys are 79% water. And, even the bones are watery at 31%. What all these numbers mean is that we constantly need water in order to keep a healthy body and mind. 

            water importance   photo by usgs
Now, Crystals can be used to “charge” the water we drink with their energy. This makes it possible for  the human body to absorb the crystals’ unique energy and enjoy the benefits.
clear quartz cluster  amethyst druze   rose quartz   smoky quartz
For example, Amethyst  and Rose Quartz charged water can be used to soothe stress, anxiety, sleepiness and restlessness.  Just by charging the water and drinking it throughout the day, you will improve your well being.
This simple recipe can help you feel calmer, relaxed, less stressed and less reactive to daily events, while hydrating your body at the same time.
When you look at those beautiful crystals inside your water jar and know their benefits, you will crave that energized water. 
Would you like to experiment?
Here are some stones to use:
Smoky Quartz: Is used to feel more grounded, focused, content and grateful. This crystal removes bad moods, anger, irritation and other negative energies. 
Hematite /Black Tourmaline/ Black Obsidian also have the similar properties to Smoky Quartz.

Citrine or Yellow Calcite:  Improves your energy level, stamina, confidence and the desire to motivate and get things done.  It will enhance your mood and efficiency level. This water elixir helps to bring a sense of easiness and can help transform ideas into manifestation.

Rose Quartz: Carries the essence of love, acceptance and forgiveness. It helps to clear bad/uneasy emotions and feelings about self and others. Rose quartz reduces stress in our heart center which brings a sense of relief and faith in oneself.
It is wise to use rose quartz when you feel sad, unhappy, demotivated or are being hard on yourself. 
Clear Quartz:  Helps improve clear thinking and awareness. Increases concentration, focusing, power and creativity with an overall feeling of well being.  It can also be used to magnify the power of other crystals in the same water. Clear quartz is well known for magnifying and amplifying energies.
Amethyst:  If you suffer from lack of sleep or lack of rest, you have to try an Amethyst  Infusion. The purple ray of energy contained in the amethyst calms the mind and promotes a restful, more tranquil and centered state of mind.  The calming energy of Amethyst helps all around.

It is important to note that to prepare the charged water, ONLY QUARTZ  CRYSTALS ARE PLACED DIRECTLY INSIDE THE WATER.  

Other crystals need what's called an ”indirect method”, where you place the crystal in a glass jar and then put that jar inside a bigger glass water container. We do this because different crystals contain different minerals in their composition. These minerals are one of the reasons the water gets charged with their properties, however they are not safe to be ingested. Some crystals can contain copper, sulphur,  vanadium, lead and so on.  
Before you soak crystals directly in water, please research their composition.
The above mentioned crystals: Quartz Crystals (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rose quartz, Natural Citrine) are mainly composed of silicon dioxide and are safe.  Also, never place  dyed-colored  crystals directly into your water.

How  to prepare your water ?
There are many “pre-charged” water bottles on the market today. They are very easy to use. Simply fill the water bottle and let it set aside for a few hours to charge the water.  
Some of them have a crystal already inside the bottle or attached to the bottom. Others have a little container underneath, separated from the water. These allow you to use crystals that are not safe to soak directly in the water. 
              water bottles with crystals
But, You don’t really need to buy a “special” bottle. You can charge your water using a glass jar you already have at home and crystals you already have.  This  allows you to be creative and utilize the crystals you have which probably  are in  different sizes and won't fit in a bottle.
Here are some pictures of different jars, glasses, vases and bowls that I use:

A large glass and a small shot glass where the crystal sits without touching the water
              crystal water  infusion      

 Or  a  “shrimp cocktail” glass set:
     purple lepidolite water     lepidolite infusion       crystal elixir lepidolite

I use my  “shrimp cocktail” container or double glass containers when I want to use crystals that are not safe to soak inside the water.  If you don’t have these “shrimp cocktail” containers, you can use one large bowl with your water and a smaller glass bowl inside where you place the crystals. With this technique, the crystals won't be in direct contact with your  water.
Another variation when using a special quartz crystal point, find a glass vase to charge the water:
                    lemurian quartz crystal            lemurian quartz crystal water

You can also use a simple glass bowl with QUARTZ crystals that are safe to soak directly in the water.

The picture below shows a combination: The glass vase holds the crystals that can NOT go into the water directly (hematite) and goes inside the larger glass bowl full of water.  Then place rose quartz and amethyst inside the glass bowl in the water:
            water crystal bowl      light transmission into water
Note the light transmission and activation from leaving the water infusion in the sunlight!
To make the crystal infused water or crystal elixirs,  follow these simple steps:

1) Select, cleanse and charge the crystal(s) that you would like to use. 
By cleansing I mean wash it well under running water.

To charge the crystal(s)  place  them out in the sun for a few hours or under a full moon.  You can also place them on top of a selenite stick or plate or on top of a larger quartz crystal cluster.  Prayers and affirmations are also cleansing and charging.

2) Once crystals are cleansed and charged, select the glass containers you want to use depending on the size and quantity of the crystals you have, and how much water you wish to charge. 
3) Fill your glass  container with distilled or filtered water

4) Place crystals either inside water (for quartz crystals) or prepare with the indirect method, using a glass container for the stones and then placing this glass container inside the water container.

5) Cover the top of the glass container so no dust or particles fall into the water.

6) If you have a place outside to let it charge in the sun or full moon, it can vastly increase the potency of your charged water because the light transmission activates the crystal energy.

7) If you cannot put  the charged water outside, look for a window sill, anywhere light enters your room, or anyplace you like.

8) Leave water charging for anywhere between 5 to 24 hours.

9) Remove crystals and place your water in a container to drink during the day. If you have a big batch, put water in the refrigerator.  You can drink the water directly, or mix half and half with filtered  water.

10) Let us know how you like to experiment with these infused charged waters and the effects from the stones you choose.

Here are a few more ideas to increase your water intake.

Besides the crystal charged waters I make daily, I also love to use fresh herbs, fruits and some vegetables to flavor my water.
My favorite fruits  are sliced lemons, oranges, tangerines,  star fruit and whole  strawberries. Sliced cucumbers and ginger are delicious too. Mint leaves are also very refreshing. Experiment with what you have in your kitchen.
             flavored water      water delight
These techniques are super easy and fast to prepare ahead of time. Leave them in the refrigerator and transfer into your water bottle, then take the charged water with you.  
Guess what?   You can also mix your different crystal waters ...grab your hydro flask and mix some of your flavored or crystal waters when you are on the go. 

When you are at home,  I guarantee that when you open the refrigerator and see all your fresh, flavored and/or crystals charged water,  you will grab them in an instant. 
You won’t hesitate to hydrate yourself more frequently.  You will look forward to  drinking your water and improving your health and well being.
Another benefit is that it can reduce your unwanted “snacks attacks”. Many times we grab for some quick and not so healthy snack when the body is really feeling thirsty.

If you need extra crystals, click here to see our
ROUGH STONES COLLECTION and TUMBLED STONES COLLECTION  There are so many different crystals that are very affordable to make your charged  waters.

Lastly, I always like to encourage everyone to be aware of their mental state while filling your containers and preparing your water.  Pay attention to your thoughts. To increase the energy in your water, say positive affirmations  (outloud or in silent). This small act imprints the water with love and beautiful, loving, healthy, peaceful  prayers.
 Here are my current backyard elixires from this week.
   crystal water for equinox
In the making  are:
hematite-rosequartz-amethyst  infusion for  improving focus, tranquility, calm and sleep.
Lepidolite for helping with decision making, uplifting and stabilizing mood and confidence.
Mookaite to improve ability to perform, efficiency, more stamina and more energy in general.
And in the tall glass where crystals cannot really be seen, is an emerald infusion to release fear, bring inspiration and faith in universal love.
All are ready to be extra charged tonight by our autumn equinox. 

Are you up to a  simple and fun challenge to see if charging  your water with crystals  makes you feel better and drink more water throughout the day?
   Please let us know, we would love to hear from you.