Sacred Practice of Cleansing Crystals with Sage

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   The Sacred Practice of Cleansing Crystals with Sage



Cleansing crystals is a vital practice in crystal healing, and essential for maintaining the pure and vibrant energy of the crystals.  

Even if crystals are used only as a decoration in your house/office  it is very  good practice to once in a while take a little time to cleanse  and recharge their energy. 

One common method used for this purpose is the sacred act of smudging, involving the burning of sage or palo santo. Let's delve into the benefits of cleansing crystals and the simple, yet powerful, technique of using sage or palo santo for this purpose.

Benefits of Cleansing Crystals:

- Clearing Negative Energies: Just as crystals absorb positive energies, they can also store negative energies over time. Cleansing with sage helps to release any accumulated negativity, allowing the crystals to function optimally.

- Restoring Balance: Cleansing crystals with sage can restore their natural balance and energy, ensuring that they resonate with their intended healing properties.

How to Use Sage or Palo Santo to Cleanse Crystals:

Materials Needed: Dried sage bundle, or a palo santo stick, a lighter or matches, a fireproof bowl or shell.  If you don't have a fireproof bowl /shell you can use a bowl filled with sand or soil.

  1. Preparation: Find a quiet space where you can perform the cleansing ritual without interruptions. Open a window or door to allow the smoke to leave if doing it indoors. 
  1. Light the Sage: Light the tip of the sage bundle  or palo santo stick using a lighter or matches. Allow it to burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame, letting it smolder and produce smoke.
  1. Waft the Smoke: Hold your crystal in one hand and the sage bundle  or palo santo in the other. Gently waft the sage smoke over the crystal, ensuring that the smoke envelops it completely. Visualize the smoke releasing/dissolving  any negative  or impure energies from the crystal. 

-For large crystals where you can not hold them, just   move the sage or palo santo around them, letting the smoke pass thru them. 

  1. Set an Intention: While smudging, set a clear intention for your crystal. For example, you can say, I cleanse this crystal of all negative energies and charge it with light and positivity.
  1. Complete the Cleansing Once you feel the crystal has been sufficiently cleansed,(energetically recharged) extinguish the sage bundle by pressing it into the fireproof bowl.  

Regularly cleansing your crystals with sage or palo santo is a simple yet powerful practice to maintain their energetic integrity.

The act of cleansing crystals with sage or palo santo is not only a practical method for maintaining the purity of the crystals but also a deeply spiritual and grounding practice that enhances the overall energy of the crystals.